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Monday, June 19, 2006

International Surfing Day in Argentina

Our Surfrider Foundation activists in Argentina celebrated International Surfing Day in Mar del Plata on Saturday, June 17. According to representative Laura Marin, it went off with moving speeches about the importance of our coastal environment, the history of surfing, etc., a beach cleanup and best wave surfing contest. Keep in mind it was actually the middle of winter when this amazing group of activists got together!

The photos are a group shot and the winners of the best wave contest: Rodolfo Puente (a member of the Argentina national junior surf team) won first place, with second going to Marcelo Quintela Bruenoli and third place to Brian Mazmut who at only 11 years of age demonstrated the potential of Argentina's next generation of surfers.

For more information about International Surfing Day and how you can participate, check out www.surfingthemag.com/international-surfing-day-2006

Anonymous CHIPI said...

Any of you surfed La Perla in the late 70"s ? Bahia Beach ? Has it changed much ? How was the turn out on Clean up Day ?

7:57 PM  

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