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Monday, January 11, 2010

Join Ocean Lovers and Conservationists To Stage National "Wear Blue For Oceans" Day to Advance U.S. Ocean Policy

Conservationists and citizens who care about our oceans and coasts will be wearing blue this Wednesday January 13 to show their support for a new national ocean policy in what is being called, “Wear Blue for Oceans Day.”

In June President Obama called for the nation’s first ever policy to protect our Ocean, Coasts and Great Lakes, which many hope to see finalized in early 2010 and made official through an executive order. At present management of marine resources is determined by 20 different agencies operating under more than 140 laws each with different goals and often conflicting mandates. In public hearings across the nation this fall the administration heard widespread support for a unified ecosystem-based policy centered on the protection and restoration of the sea’s living resources – much like the policy the administration is in the process of creating. Only a healthy ocean can help assure a sound economy, good jobs, maritime security and viable coastal communities.

“Wear Blue for Oceans”Day events and rallies will be held in 10 cities across the nation, including San Francisco CA; New Orleans, LA; Washington D.C.; Honolulu, HI; Cambridge, MA; Houston, TX; St. Petersburg FL and Anchorage, AK. Those who can’t attend in person are encouraged to wear blue wherever they are and upload photos of themselves to http://wearblueforoceans.org/.

Supporting organizations include: Blue Frontier Campaign, Conservation Law Foundation, Environment California, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Gulf Restoration Network, In Defense of Animals, Natural Resources Defense Council, Ocean Champions, The Ocean Conservancy, Ocean Defenders Alliance, Ocean River Institute, Pacific Environment, Save Our Shores, Save the Waves, Sea Stewards, Surfrider Foundation

Some quotes from those working on ‘Wear Blue for Oceans’ Day:

“A strong national ocean policy will provide major benefits to those who use and enjoy the ocean. This is a historic opportunity for the President to take action in support of clean beaches, healthy oceans, and sustainable fisheries,” said Pete Stauffer, Ocean Ecosystem Project Manager of Surfrider Foundation

“Like a Clean Air Act for our air, or a Clean Water Act for our water, we need a national policy to protect our oceans for this and future generations,” said Sarah Chasis, Director of the Ocean Initiative at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

“For too long we have ignored the health of the Gulf of Mexico and other ocean water, believing these ecosystems would remain a limitless resource despite our continued abuse. However, our ocean and coastal resources are degrading and far too many species that are dependent upon them are at risk. A strong national ocean policy will help us protect and restore these resources for future generations,” said Cynthia Sarthou, Executive Director of the Gulf Restoration Network

“New England’s oceans and coasts make up a large part of our heritage and our future. We need a strong National Ocean Policy that protects and restores the special places that we use and enjoy,” said Sean Cosgrove, Marine Campaign Director for the Conservation Law Foundation.

“People are ready for a national policy that recognizes that a healthy ocean is essential for our safety, livelihoods, recreational enjoyment and spiritual renewal. A new wave of seaweed (marine grassroots) citizen action is emerging that aims at nothing less than the restoration of the blue in our red, white and blue,” says David Helvarg, President of the Blue Frontier Campaign.


For more information on Wear Blue Day visit http://wearblueforoceans.org/ .

For more information on the national policy, visit http://www.whitehouse.gov/oceans.