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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Getting to the Bottom of "Top Beaches"

In April, the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association, the ASBPA, aka the beachfill lobby, announced a list of their "Top Restored Beaches" for 2006. http://www.asbpa.org/news/news_2006_TopRestBeaches.html One of their "Top Beaches" continues to make the news but it is not something we think you should be proud of. According to this article, the gravel-like material placed on the beaches in Delaware has created a steeper than normal beach. This in turn causes all the wave energy to crash right on the beach as shorebreak which has notably increased spine and neck injuries on those beaches.
Please read this excellent article calling into question the cost, size, and safety of modern day beachfill projects. Anyone who would call this an award-winning beach has very different prioritries than us.

John Weber


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