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Monday, December 18, 2006

Parking and Access Return to Haulover

Just in time for another week of strong NE windswell, FREE access to Harbour House surf break is finally opened. Due to the hard work and tireless efforts of many South Florida Chapter members we are one step closer to having normal beach access again. The Florida Dept. of Transportation recently announced an official investigation into the illegal closure of the parking lots under the Haulover Bridge.

South Florida members discovered that FDOT had sent a certified letter to the Village back in 2004 directing them not to sub-lease the parking lots to a developer. The Village sub-let the land to developer WCI anyway and collected almost $300,000 in fees (that we know of) to block the public from State land & the beach. It was also discovered that the Village appears to be conspiring with WCI to re-design the area and permanently reduce parking capacity. Surfrider has taken a stand that the monies collected and proposed changes are illegal.

This particular campaign helps build further support for Florida's statewide campaign goal for a beach access amendment to the Florida Constitution.


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