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Friday, April 27, 2007

Florida Oceans Day @ the State Capitol

Oceans Day in Tallahassee
By Mandy Baily

Below the towering gaze of the State Capitol building, Surfrider members from all over Florida dropped into Tallahassee on April 18th to encourage our elected officials to support the Clean Oceans Bill. The overcast morning began with a slightly bumpy surface: marked by the slightly daunting task ahead and butterflies in our bellies as most of us had no previous experience meeting with Senators and Representatives.

As the clouds and hours rolled on, the day glassed off as we learned the nuances of speaking with officials and their staff. Our message was clear: "Dumping sewage in the ocean is morally wrong!" Our voices spoke what our hearts felt as we distributed information and detailed the importance for every Senator and Representative to support the House version of the Clean Ocean Bill.

After a long, draining day of snaking through the Capitol halls, at times feeling cynical as to how our government system works; we managed to take home a sense of empowerment as we recognized that we are an integral part of that system. As the state legislature closes for the year on May 4th, we realize that we must continue to speak up if the Clean Oceans Bill is to be made into law.

They are listening! Via phone, email, fax, or office visit there is still time left to contact your representatives and simply state: "Dumping sewage in the ocean is morally wrong – support the Clean Oceans Bill (HB57)". The waters and coasts that shape our lives depend on it.


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