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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Surfrider activist training for solo transatlantic crossing

Fred Donot the fearless skipper of the Amazon Surfrider (a small class sailboat measuring 6.5 meters) is hoping to qualify for the 2009 Mini TransAt, a solo crossing of the Atlantic, without any escort, that is held every two years.

Starting out at La Rochelle, in France, the race ends at Salvador la Bahia in Brazil 30 days later. The sailors can not have any support, personal or technological, needing to find their way using the art and science of traditional navigation techniques. In order to qualify for this insane test of seamanship, Fred will have to prove himself in shorter distance preliminary races during 2007-2008.

Surfrider Foundation Europe is one of Fred’s proud supporters. “Over the next two years I will have to train extensively to understand the tricky Atlantic weather patterns and how to manage getting enough food and sleep while sailing solo,” said Fred. “This is the race that has launched several of the world’s top sailors, as it tests all your nautical skills and knowledge, and more importantly, the strength of the human character.”

Submitted by Surfrider Foundation Europe


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