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Monday, September 03, 2007

Brazil Surfers Break World Record


Surf's up in Brazil
September 3, 2007 - 11:51AM

Eighty-four surfers caught the same wave at a Brazilian beach on Sunday to smash the former world record of 73, set last year in South Africa, the event's sponsor said.

Clad in green T-shirts proclaiming the event as a part of the anti-global warming campaign, the surfers stood, crouched and laid on a fleet of boards on a small wave to sink their South African rivals, who themselves last year broke the earlier Brazil record of 42 on the same curler.

Event sponsor Earthwave, founded by the Kahuna Surfing Academy in Cape Town, sought to have surfers take tries at the record today in nine different countries, from Australia to Reunion, South Africa, Portugal, Britain, the United States, Brazil, Argentina and then Tahiti, to highlight the problem of climate change.

In Capetown, 310 surfers joined the event but were only able to muster 71 on the same wave this year.

In Santos, southeast of Sao Paulo, 120 joined the event and 84 of them managed to get on the same wave.

"Most important was we were able to call attention to the very serious problem of global warming," said Rico de Souza, Earthwave organiser in Brazil.

Surf's up ... Riders break the World Record for the most surfers on one wave.
Photo: Reuters


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