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Monday, November 19, 2007

Letter To The Editor

Hey Guys- Check out this great letter I got from a young Surfrider supporter.

Hey! My names is Anna Fayfer, I'm 16 and I go to Pompano Beach High School. I'm a recent Surfrider member and I absolutely love everything that Surfrider Foundation is about. I actually started a club at my school this year called "Make A Wave" and I just wanted to share our success so far. We've only been in action for two months now, but we already have 35 dedicated students, sponsorship from both Starbucks and Panera Bread, and are already embarking on our exciting journey. We are just starting our first fundraiser, and are selling handmade ribbons that feature our clubs name at lunch during school. We participated in International World Water Monitoring Day and went down to the beach and did our own test of the beach's DO, Ph, turbidity and temperature.
My peers have simply been amazed to find out what is going on with our oceans, especially with the sewage pipe that is being dumped into our very own Pompano/Deerfield Inlet. I have seen a noticeable difference in the students' attitudes already, and have nothing but excitement for what lies ahead of us. I am constantly keeping up with Surfrider Foundation events, watching for anything that we can help out with, I have also been sharing some of the great info I find in Soup, and I wanted to thank you guys for that.
I believe that to truely "save our beaches" is not just about picking up trash for other people, but informing them about the problems they are causing, and getting more people inspired to join the cause. Surfrider Foundation does just this, and that's why I enjoy the organization so much. We have many plans and goals within the club, and eventually we hope to set up a recycling program at our beach.

This isn't your last time hearing from us. Make A Wave is brand new and I want everyone to know about the group of kids at Pompano Beach High who are making a difference!

Thank You,
Anna Fayfer
Pompano Beach, FL

P.S. I attached some photos of us on world water monitoring day, as well as our float in the schools homecoming parade.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recently attended a lecture on the Venura River and Matilija Dam projects.I am pleased to see people with vision to better conditions and help prevent disasters and pollution to the ocean. I recently learned that they are attempting to put a LNG facility in Ventura's waters. I hope they can put a stop to this also. That would be devastating to Man as well as wildlife and aqautic life. I hope we can put an end to the destruction that big companies are doing to the land. Future generations will need it!

11:27 AM  

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