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Monday, May 03, 2010

Please sign our Petition to Preserve the Gaviota Coast

Gaviota Coast - photo: William B. DeweyTHE GAVIOTA COAST, located in southern Santa Barbara County, includes the coastal watersheds between Coal Oil Point in Goleta, to Point Arguello on Vandenberg Air Force Base, and the remainder of Vandenberg’s coast to Point Sal. Surfrider Foundation’s Santa Barbara Chapter is working to preserve the 20-mile stretch of the Gaviota Coast between Goleta and Gaviota, which draws more than a million visitors to its beaches, coastal canyons and mountain trails every year.

In just over two generations, more than ninety percent of southern California's once-unspoiled coastline has been lost to development forever. Expanding urbanization has displaced agriculture on fertile coastal plains, reduced public beach access, and stressed coastal watersheds and marine ecosystems. Rapid population growth in the region has led to dramatic loss of native biological diversity, and a general decline in the health of ecosystems we depend on. The Gaviota Coast’s intact ecosystems, riparian and wildlife corridors, important coastal farmland, rare and endangered animals, unique tidal wetlands, and Native American cultural sites are all gravely threatened by development.

Please sign our petition to permanently preserve the Gaviota Coast for future generations to enjoy! Thank you for your support of this incredibly important cause.

Anonymous Zhenya Delate said...

Thanks for raising awareness about Preserving the Gaviota coast. It still stops my heart to think of the destruction continuing unchecked, but being paralyzed into complacency is no solution.

I appreciate the resources to be a part of the action (sign the online petition, etc.), and it’s really not as hard as it seems.

On a relevant note, I know NRDC (and I’m sure a bunch of other environmental organizations) are rallying now to end offshore drilling. Imagine how screwed the Gaviota coast would be if there was a spill! It may seem like overcoming the oil giants is an impossible mountain to climb, but we must start somewhere. If you have not already encouraged Surfrider blog readers to add their voices to the protest against offshore drilling, I hope you will. It’s really easy using online petitions and whatnot. Here's the link to the NRDC letter to Obama to end offshore drilling - http://www.southkonayouth.com/endoffshoredrilling

Thanks again! ~Aloha~

1:43 PM  

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