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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bush Plans Vast Protected Sea Area in Hawaii

I have always thought that it was nothing short of a tragedy when the environment was reduced to a partisan, one-sided issue.

The environment is too important of an issue for it’s supporters to be cut in half or divided in any way. We should find every possible way to have all political factions understand and support initiatives that protect our collective ecosystems. We must challenge those that vote against the environment and step up and acknowledge individuals when they vote in favor of the environment.

Jim Moriarty
Executive Director

Bush Plans Vast Protected Sea Area in Hawaii
The New York Times
Published: June 15, 2006

President Bush will create the world's largest protected marine area today, designating as a national monument a 1,200-mile-long chain of small Hawaiian islands and surrounding waters and reefs that are home to a spectacular array of sea life, senior administration officials said last night.


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