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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Groups Demand Action on Sewage

Unsatisfied with actions taken so far, a pair of environmental watchdog groups want Wilmington and state regulators to "step up" and do more to protect residents and coastal ecosystems from sewage spills. The N.C. Coastal Federation and Cape Fear Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation are recommending new measures to increase - or at least stabilize - the reliability of the city's troubled Northeast Interceptor sewer line. They also want new programs to raise public awareness about sewer leaks and their dangers. The most controversial proposal would be a ban, or at least a slowdown, on new homes or businesses tapping onto the system until sewer improvements are finished. "You can't have new growth until the old growth is taken care off," said Sean Ahlum, chairman of the local Surfrider chapter, which favors a ban on all new hookups to the interceptor. "You can't build any more until your foundation is solid." more


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