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Monday, February 05, 2007

Snowrider at Mt Hood

Portland Chapter's Snowrider program is back in full swing for the winter season. The chapter has established a partnership with Mt. Hood Meadows ski resort to educate skiers and snowboarders on watershed issues. Each spring, winter snowfall that accumulates in the Cascades begins to melt and starts its long journey to the sea. As this water travels down creeks and rivers to the ocean, it picks up a variety of pollutants including pesticides, fertilizers, organic toxins, and litter. Portland Chapter's Snowrider efforts are designed to remind snow users and the public that what happens on land has an impact on the ocean!

On January 6, Portland Chapter sponsored a tent at the "Next Snow Search" event - a search for the next generation of riders. Kyle, Jocelyn, Eric and other chapter members spent the day promoting the Snowrider message of watershed stewardship, as well as ongoing campaigns and programs. They also managed to sign up a number of new members and volunteers.

Portland Chapter will continue to parner with Mt Hood ski resorts for the remainder of the winter season on upcoming watershed education and outreach events. If you're interested in helping out, please contact Kyle Silon kjsilon@gmail.com. Also, Kyle is taking the lead with rounding up donations to raffle off at the mountain to raise money for the Portland Chapter's water quality lab at West Linn High School. If anyone has any contacts please let us know!


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