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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Crab Pots in Brookings, Oregon

On December 9th, 2006, the fishing vessel Chevelle discarded 283 commercial crab pots at the Chetco River bar mouth during heavy weather. Most of these crab pots have yet to be removed, and many have drifted shoreward, threatening surf access and littering the beach. Surfrider activists on Oregon's south coast are working with agency staff and community leaders to get the problem fixed. Campaign efforts have generated local media coverage and community interest in the problem. Yesterday, we got some good news as State Parks has scheduled removal of the pots on the beach for late March. But still no solution for the remainder of the pots in the subtidal. Formal inquiries have been made to the US Coast Guard and Department of State Lands to identify juridiction for this issue. Many thanks to Surfrider members in Washington State for helping connect technical expertise and potential funding sources to help solve this problem. Stay tuned....

Anonymous Brookings crab fisherman said...

Those traps were not "discarded." Use of that word sounds like the Chevelle put those traps there intentionally. They did not. The skipper of the Chevelle used poor judgment when he attempted to cross the Chetco River Bar when he did and consequentially the traps rolled off of his deck.

12:29 PM  

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