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Monday, March 05, 2007

A Whale of a Day for Trestles!

The below posting was written by South Orange County Chapter activist, Save Trestles Secret Samurai, Surf-Dude, and all around amazing human being, Jerry Collamer. An enormous "BRAVO!!!" goes out to everyone who organized and participated in this phenomenal event. SAVE TRESTLES! ~ Nancy Hastings

Dana Pt - Sat., Mar. 3-07 Walking to Save Trestles and the Whales Parade

When we discovered Nikole knocking on porta-potty
doors to gather e-mail addresses to Save Trestles
we knew TCA was a goner.

TCA dare not hide from Nikole - she opens every door -

Trestles will be saved, amen.

To the indomitable-Erk's, we vote Best of Show
for above and beyond the call of duty up into
the wild blue yonder. So what if they didn't sleep
a week's wink-worth - Trestles Lives Today!
3-Cheers for the glorious, talented, selfless Erks.
They make it work.

To Brian Alper, who soldiers us on - right on brother
Brian - you keep us going (no easy task, as Jerry is
apt to walk into on-coming traffic) with your Bri-motor
(always) pedal to the metal.

To Jack Eidt - dawn patrolling from LA.
To Jonathan Baty and family daring a pre dawn 91-run
from Riverside to walk the walk for Trestles.

To Marty Benson and sis, Oceanside's new dyno-duo.
They walked the walk today for our wet & wild Yosemite.

To Laguna's Marni the Magnificent - she fought the 73.
This fight she will not lose. We'll all make sure of that.

To Mike Metcalf, and to Spencer, our video-master of the
skateboard-cam. Here, there and everywhere today.

To Steph Edwards and Perry from Surf Heritage Foundation.
We stand up with them - they walk with us.
Perfect surfer harmony.

To the Woody's, and the golf cart squad - to the doggie patrol -
to our pint-sized Trestles in-training kiddy whale-toddlers.
Their whale of a tail T's mere inches from the ground.

To Pat O'Connell - surfer extraordinaire.
A true friend of Trestles
for Marshaling his leadership today.

To all of us - hip, hip, hooray!
Trestles is Saved for Another Day
as we march on, one day at a time for Trestles.
Because everyday the toll road isn't there -
we've Saved Trestles and everything good.

Today's parade walk-and-wave was about injecting 'our' positive
energy into the community and reinforcing our own belief system
that good things do happen when we walk together.

It's about believing beyond any doubt Trestles will be saved,
by us...forever.

Please forward this note of deepest gratitude to all who walked today
and those who wanted to but couldn't - but would if they could
and to the literally tens of thousands here and around
the globe who trek far to walk the walk to Trestles.

We walk for them. All of them.

What a precious gift we have.

It will be saved.

By you, me, and them.

There is no doubt.

Step by step - we walk together.

A perfect day. A perfect walk, To save a perfect place.




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