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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hungtington/Seal Beach Chapter and Tom Jones Paddle recap

From L to R - Kitty Willis, DJ, Tom Jones, Jericho Poplar

In October, the Huntington/Seal Beach Chapter graciously welcomed Tom Jones to Seal Beach to show their support of his epic paddle along the Pacific coasline. The purpose of Tom's magnificent feat was to raise awareness on the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans. Numerous Chapters in Southern California are working on campaigns to reduce the use of plastic... during beach clean-ups, bans on polystyrene foam in numerous seaside communities, and even bans on plastic bags (passed in San Francisco and presently being considered in the city of Los Angeles).

Learn more about Tom's paddle here>>> CaliforniaPaddle.com

Blogger Kitty said...

It was awesome to meet him and his "crew"; we talked for hours! He is one amazing person!~

3:20 PM  

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