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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

City of Malibu bans both regular and biodegradable bags

The City of Malibu proved to be a leader in local ordinances by banning both regular and biodegradable bags in all retail stores at their City Council meeting last night (5/12/08).

Zuma Lagoon in Malibu - dotted with floating plastic bags - May 2008 - Photo by: N. Hastings

Ordinance 323 was passed unanimously by the Malibu City Council members after a presentation by the local Boys and Girls Club and Heal the Bay. West LA/Malibu Chapter Executive Member Andrea Boccaletti presented testimony on behalf of the Chapter describing the prevalence of plastic bags at the beach clean up in Zuma Beach last weekend. Angela Howe spoke on behalf of Surfrider to tell about our Rise Above Plastics campaign efforts and the need for local leadership on a municipal level, especially in Malibu where Surfrider began in 1984.

A lot of people questioned the reasoning behind banning biodegradable bags? Well, the conditions required for these bags to biodegrade - heat, pressure and bacteria - are not the same in the ocean as on land... and bottom line... biodegradable bags kill marine life.

This is an important win in the fight against plastics. Several members of the West LA/Malibu Chapter were on hand to support the plastic bag ban, and residents thanked Surfrider Foundation for our testimony.

For more information, see http://www.malibutimes.com/articles/2008/05/09/news/news3.txt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Erika Delemarre said...

That's such great news! Hopefully this is a small step that will lead toward many other cities (and eventually states) following suit. Thanks, Surfrider!

10:16 AM  

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