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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rise Above Plastics...at the top of the watershed

Marine debris is a global problem of local concern...no matter where you are. Although the impacts of non-biodegradable litter are concentrated at the lower reaches of the watershed--which may lead people to believe it is a coastal problem--those of us who live further upstream have an important role to play in preventing the proliferation of everlasting refuse that plagues our waterways.

This is the message that was recently delivered to students at Truckee High School (located high in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California) by Ximena Waissbluth, marine debris educator extraordinaire. Check out the coverage she received by local rag Moonshine Ink.

To learn more about plastic marine debris and how you can reduce your plastic footprint, visit:

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Blogger Kathlyn said...

Geah! This is great and I'm stoked we are takleing this!

8:16 AM  
Blogger ShanSerrano said...

This just in... Seattle City Council voted today 7-0 to ban styrofoam and 6-1 to tax plastic bags starting in January of 2009:



4:58 PM  
Anonymous Rashie said...

If China can ban plastic bags you'd sure think the U.S. could - SHEESH!!

8:46 AM  

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