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Monday, November 03, 2008


The Surfrider Foundation is pleased to announce three new additions to the Board of Directors: Sean Ahlum, Meg Caldwell and Tony Radaich. Each member brings to the team extensive expertise from various professional backgrounds and passion to protect the world’s oceans, waves and beaches.

Sean Ahlum joins current board members Steve Shipsey and Michelle Duval on representing Surfrider Foundation chapters and their issues at the Board table. Actively involved on a chapter level for over ten years, Ahlum has built up the Cape Fear Chapter from one with no funds, low volunteers and low community support into an organization with significant influence and a solid executive board. Ahlum, along with Cape Fear Chapter volunteers have successfully pushed local communities to improve sewage systems, increase and protect beach access and educate hundreds of students and citizens to be environmentally responsible members of the community.

Meg Caldwell brings an extensive background of environmental legal, administrative/board and NGO organizational experience to the Board of Directors. Highly-respected in environmental law, Caldwell spent the last three years serving on the California Coastal Commission and on the board for the California Coastal Conservancy. In addition, the State Secretary of Resources appointed her to the California Marine Life Protection Act Blue Ribbon Task Force for the central and north central coasts. Caldwell currently serves on the Third Phase Blue Ribbon Task Force for the south coast and continues to work in the environmental policy field emphasizing the environmental effects of local land use decisions, the use of science in environmental and marine resource policy development and implementation, and developing private and public incentives for natural resource conservation.

Tony Radaich joins the Surfrider Foundation Board of Directors with nearly 40-years experience in business and finance. Recently retired, Radaich served as an audit assurance partner at Arthur Anderson from 1969-2002 and then Ernst & Young until 2007. Radaich held an advisory position with the Surfrider Foundation over the last year, as he worked to generate an endowment program and serve as an ad hoc member on the Audit Committee where he aided in strengthening the organization’s record keeping and audit information. His expertise in business and finance will be critical in helping the Surfrider Foundation endure challenges in today’s unstable economy.

Sean Ahlum, Meg Caldwell and Tony Radaich fill currently vacant seats so will begin serving on the Board of Directors immediately.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats and good luck to all. Full speed ahead!

All the best,

Dan Young,co founder
Surfrider Foundation

6:31 PM  

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