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Monday, May 18, 2009

Crazy for Caps

Funny to think I got excited over and blogged about 4000 plastic bottle caps a little over a year ago.http://www.surfrider.org/blogger/2008_04_01_archive.asp . But we were definitely on to something.

A group here in NJ, Clean Ocean Action, recognized that and did something about it. They had a contest that involved hundreds of groups, schools, and families in collecting and recycling plastic bottle caps. In all, almost 2.5 million caps were collected and about 200,000 were on display at an event this weekend. Surfrider Foundation, Jersey Shore Chapter contributed 53,000 caps to the cause. And to think, Aveda, the salon/hair care company has hundreds and hundreds of groups collecting caps all around the region because they are otherwise not recycled. The caps will be melted down and recycled into new caps. They are definitely on to something.

This young man took one for the team and wore a penguin suit all day. But his message was one of thanks. Cool.


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