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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blue Vision Summit in Washington DC

On March 9 -11, Surfrider Chapter members from DC, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, California, Texas, Oregon and elsewhere congregated in Washington DC for the Blue Vision Summit. The goals of the conference included strengthening the nationwide network of ocean activists and promoting passage of effective federal ocean legislation. On the third day of the Summit, conference participants met with their federal representatives to communicate the importance of national leadership on ocean issues, including passage of Oceans 21, reauthorization of the Coastal Zone Management Act, funding for the Federal BEACH Act, etc. Special kudos to the Capitol (DC) Surfrider Chapter which was an official sponsor of the Blue Vision Summit and hosted a terrific ‘Celebration of the Sea’ reception for conference attendees. In the coming months, stay tuned for more updates on federal legislation as the 111th Congress moves forward with addressing ocean issues under the new administration.

Blogger John said...

Blue Vision was an awesome conference. Almost too good in that they tried to pack in so much, so many good speakers, so many panels and workshops...it was exhausting. But we got relax a bit in the new Oceans Hall in the Smithsonian - imagine having a museum all to yourselves, you and a couple hundred friends. The best part though was visiting with Members of Congress on the last day. To be honest, I thought it would be pandemonium. Or worse I thought it would be poorly attended as the last day of a grueling conference. But it was cool, very cool. I got in three visits to NJ Congress Members in just an hour and a half before catching an early afternoon train. Other who stayed visited 5 or 6 Congress Members and Senator Lautenberg too. Folks from other states had similar results. This should get us one step closer to passing Oceans 21 legislation.

John Weber

6:21 PM  
Anonymous been at Blue Summit said...

it definately was an awesome conference! :)

11:23 PM  

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