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Friday, June 23, 2006

International Surf Day in South Jersey

The South Jersey Chapter's 2006 International Surfing Day event was an incredible success. Over three hundred people show up to clean the beach and enjoy the perfect day, delicious international food and live music until well after sunset. And, they even had waist high waves, which is pretty unusual at this beach. The Philadelphia Outrigger Canoe was also there in addition to boogie boarders, kite surfers, kayakers, wind surfers, little kids building sand castles and digging holes and barefoot seniors enjoying all the fun. The chapter had so many things donated that they made sure everyone who participated went home with something.

According to Chapter Chairman, Steve Mullen, it was tough for the South Jersey Chapter crew to be sticking their heads into smelly trash collection bags, serving food, and giving prizes to the kids while beautiful clean lefts and right were happening just yards away. Most of the volunteers drove over forty five minutes and took time off from their jobs to help out. The event was a textbook example of grass roots activism serving the community while giving back to the sport that we care so much about. Thank you to everyone who made this event so great with their hard work, generosity and dedication.

Blogger Surfrider Foundation said...

Wow! What an amazing show of activism. Great pic! - Lia

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