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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Just My Story – Maybe not “Blog”worthy

I am just recovering from a bout with an ear infection -- nothing new. Unfortunately, that’s probably not “blog”worthy.

I begrudgingly miss work and go to the doctor. I grumble and pay for the same prescription I get every time. I put up with the struggle to hear people on the phone – justifying it as: “getting old sucks.” I actually brag about the nagging ear pain because it’s one of those inexplicable “macho” images I try to maintain (of course, like a child, I complain about the pain to ensure everyone knows just how tough I am). I dutifully stay out of the water for weeks (and it always seems during the best conditions). And now I avoid parties with friends because my hearing loss just makes it an irritating experience.

So what IS “blog” worthy? Not enough of us go through half the trouble I just described to do anything about it. Here’s some thoughts: that lost half-day of work at the doctor could be spent attending an important hearing and voicing our disgust with government inaction; that money spent on prescriptions that only solve the symptom could invest in our chapter doing something to solve the problem. Instead of wasting our breath in a surfer’s game of “illness one up-manship” – use our voice where it matters. Join the “Action Alert” service, attend hearings, conserve natural resources, write letters, vote, set an example for kids, contribute a little time to your chapter – Let’s Get Active!

It has been 30 years since passage of the Clean Water Act and I’m seeing improvements – but personally NOT witnessing 30 years worth of progress. I think the reason lies in the news articles below.

PS. Can you repeat that response a little louder? I'm not hearing you too well.

Stricter Water Standards to Protect Santa Monica Bay Swimmers Are Postponed
Environmentalists are angered by delay in adoption of new rules.
By Gary PolakovicTimes Staff Writer
July 15, 2006
State officials will miss a key deadline today to impose tougher enforcement of clean-water standards to protect swimmers and surfers at popular Santa Monica Bay beaches.

Beach Bacteria Sicken Over a Million Annually
By Gary Polakovic, Times Staff Writer1:07 PM PDT, July 17, 2006

Bacteria pollution at many Southern California beaches is responsible for illnesses in up to 1.5 million swimmers and bathers annually as well as tens of millions of dollars in healthcare and other related costs, a new study shows.



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