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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Recycle Wastewater in San Diego?

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders said yesterday he opposes a proposal to turn wastewater into drinking water – after the city's staff has spent more than two years and about $1 million researching the option.

Marco Gonzalez, a lawyer for environmentalists backing reservoir augmentation, said Sanders' stance will make the project “significantly more difficult” to implement. Still, he remained upbeat about its prospects.


Anonymous jgeever said...

Way to go Coast Law Group, the San Diego Chapter and your partners in this effort. The time is long overdue that we, as a society, found solutions to water supply that also help comply with the Clean Water Act. Those of us struggling to find "holistic" solutions to our many water problems applaud your "never say never" approach to advocating progressive and innovative solutions that restore our environment rather than relying on continued and new destructive threats.
It has been a long road getting this close to recycled water use -- and there's apparently a few more bumps and turns to get around. Let us know how to help!

5:31 AM  

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