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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

International Surfing Day in Victoria, Canada

On June 21st, we celebrated International Surf Day like only the Victoria Crew could do! With extremely high winds, we managed to get our tent and banner up; without it blowing away, and we carted down to the beach, a full size bbq from my place with the manly muscle help of Chico! Steve pulled the backseat out of his van, while everyone else set up their camp chairs and coolers. Good thing my portable battery charger was all juiced up and that Graham travels with his guitar and amp, because we were treated to the awesome sounds of Pacific Sound Wave!

We had intended to do a beach clean up, but that didn't happen due to the high tide and waves! And we also intended to do a paddle out, that also was thwarted by the high winds. So all that was left to do was to eat, drink and visit with one another. Quite a few people stopped by our tent to inquire about Surfrider, and in his usual fashion, Steve was quick to chat it up and hand out a few pamplets! Awesome!

With about 25 Surfriders in attendance, our first International Surf Day was a huge hit! Because this Crew has been doing so much to see to the success of this Chapter, it's nice to just be able to enjoy each others company and to sit down and share some food!

Mahalo to all that came out!
:) Brooke


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