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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

San Diego Smoking Ban--And What the Local Chapter is Doing to Help.

You might have heard the City of San Diego passed a smoking ban at beaches and parks. The San Diego County Chapter was instrumental in helping educate the public and decision makers about the positive effects the ban would have on the environment. Read more about the ban and local Chapter efforts here:


The San Diego County Chapter is buying several ashtrays for the Ocean Beach community (in order to alleviate any littering that might occur because of the smoking ban). The Chapter is working with a local businesses and organizations to make the program a success.

In August, the Chapter will have a press conference to unveil the stylish ashtrays. Following the press conference, the Chapter we will conduct its annual "Hold onto Your Butt Day"-- where activists stand on street corners, wave signs, and pass out literature/bumper stickers, to educate people about cigarette litter. The Chapter will also conduct a street-sweep in which they clean up cigarette butts in the gutters.

The ashtrays are pretty savvy, go here to see: http://ecolad.com/ecom.asp?pg=products&specific=jnomirf8&gotogrp=47&gotopgnum=1

Stay tuned for more information, or visit the Chapter's website: www.surfridersd.org

If you have specific questions about the campaign, please call the local office and talk to Stefanie Sekich or Bill Hickman. 858-792-9940

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Smoking Sucks!!! LIFE'S RAD tm

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