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Monday, January 15, 2007

Greening the Surf Industry

Action Sports Retailers Story

ASR is producing a fully wind powered, recycling friendly trade show, as brands join in with a shift to organic and sustainable product lines

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 January, 2007 : - - San Juan Capistrano, CA – ASR is taking its Green Steps program to the next level at the January 25-27 event in San Diego. The Green Steps environmental initiatives at ASR include; a fully wind energy powered event, expanded recycling efforts sponsored by OP, the ASR Line Up printed on recycled paper, recycled paper badges printed with soy ink, recycled show bags and recycled aisle carpet.

Within the aisles of ASR, established and emerging surf, skate, snow, swim and youth culture brands are launching expanded lines of sustainable and organic product for fall 2007. The combination of sustainable event production efforts and sustainable product lines will give ASR January a lower impact, ‘green’ glow.

“ASR’s program was created 3-years ago out of the need to increase sustainability within our event and the action sports industry as a whole. With a commitment from some ASR exhibitors and vendors to join the effort,

Green Steps is a growing success,” says Andy Tompkins, ASR Show Director. “We’re proud to continue putting on a 100% wind powered event. Wind is a clean power alternative that helps protect the oceans, mountains and forests, vital parts of our customer’s lifestyle.”

ASR has partnered with 3 Phases Energy, a company that provides renewable energy services for businesses, utilities, governments and institutions. The 5 VNU Sports Group Expos, including ASR, will purchase renewable energy credits to offset standard electricity usage for seven expositions per year with 100% wind powered energy.

Wind power purchases equal close to 622 megawatt hours each year, which is enough energy to power 57 United States homes for one year. The CO2 emissions offset would be equivalent to the environmental impact of taking almost 81 cars off the road for an entire year or planting 106 trees annually.

Reused, reduced and recycled materials will be available to exhibitors in every aspect of ASR. Along with GES, a major exhibition and event services provider, ASR is providing recycled aisle carpet and makes recycled booth carpet available for exhibitors to order. GES also provides booth displays that use fibrex for the booth panels rather than conventional petroleum based panels.

The plastic covering and carpet padding used at ASR will also be recycled. Picking up an ASR Line Up, the essential guide to the action sports industry, attendees will notice that it is printed on recycled paper.

Within the recycled walls at ASR, brands are working hard to create products that are more earth friendly, while staying trend savvy. Action sports’ most established names including Quiksilver, Volcom, Etnies, Roxy, IPath, Planet Earth and Element among others will be expanding organic and sustainable product lines for fall 2007.

Many who had introduced limited sustainable lines focused mostly on organic cotton tees for spring 2007, will introduce wider selections of denim, knits, wovens, footwear and accessories at the January event. From these lines, most brands are donating 1-3% back to environmental causes.

Satori Movement and Hippy Tree, which can be found it ASR’s Goldbox Mission presented by Boost Mobile, are two new ASR brands that have an eco-friendly twist. The men’s line Satori Movement features mostly hemp fabrics, while the women’s Satori Divine is comprised of all bamboo and organic-cotton materials.

Finally, keep an eye out for products from Reef, Billabong, Nixon, Electric and DaKine benefiting the Surfrider Foundation through the newly launched project BLUE. Surfrider will receive $2 from the sale of every BLUE product. Don’t Miss ASR in San Diego, January 25-27th!

About ASR
ASR, a division of VNU Expositions, is a full service tradeshow whose goal is to create, market and produce high quality tradeshows and educational conferences. ASR is the leading action sports industry trade event, bringing together top manufacturers, retailers, industry advocates and media to conduct the business of surf, skate, snow, swim, style, moto and youth culture.

Now in its 26th successful year, ASR gathers over 500 action sports brands and approximately 7,000 retail buyers and decision makers three times a year, with Spring and Summer season shows in San Diego and ASR Holiday at the Orange Country Fairgrounds. For additional information regarding ASR, please contact Lora Bodmer at Deep Communications by phone, 949.200.7134.


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Tortilla Chips may seem an odd way of protecting our oceans and whales in particular...but that is just what a couple of surfers are doing with Whale Tails Tortilla Chips.............

Whale Tails Tortilla Chips started from one of those “Eureka” moments that can only come from living the “ San Diego Lifestyle.” . The idea came in the Fall of 1989 as my life long friend, Rick Grant, and I sat together watching the surf through the windshield of my ole' 1952 Chevy pickup. We were nibbling on chips and some guacamole and begin laughing about how little cash we had and a few of the choices we had made since meeting up in fifth grade. Over the years, surfing had become the catalyst for many adventures. According to a few professors and an ex-girlfriend’s mom, we’d had already had considerably more than our share. Rick Grant stopped the discussion momentarily to hold a single chip up, with the blue Pacific in the background, and said those now famous words “Hey how about if you made a tortilla chip shaped like a Whale's Tail and they would be better for dipping ...by natural design. We could take some of the profits from the sale and provide funding for ocean conservation.” It’s often said that the best ideas come when you least expect them and change your life forever. That’s for sure what happened with Whale Tails.

We immediately blew off the best surf of the month and headed wild-eyed towards home. Along the way, we talked about how great it would be to have a product that inspired people to get more involved in their choices and be able to give something back to the whales and the environment we all share. We talked about the stories (tales) we could write on our bags about these gentle giants and their lives. We talked about working with institutions, theme parks and adventure companies and how it all could relate to the education and preservation of our very interconnected and fragile world.

When we got back to my house in OB my wife Terry used a photo of a real whale's tail as a model for a chip cut out of a tortilla. They looked so great and they were functional.

We pursued a business plan, but soon learned that the name “whale tails” had been trademarked by a small cracker company. Not wanting to compromise, our plan was shelved, although we continued to always talk about Whale Tails and develop ideas for years. Finally, in 2004, the trademarked name went inactive and became available again.

That is when we shifted into high gear, even though my buddy, Rick Grant, now lived in Snoqualmie, Wash. and Terry and I still resided in Ocean Beach. We found a n organic, kosher tortilla chip manufacturer in San Bernardino willing to take us on, started doing research and development, made contacts, and performed some consumer testing with family, friends, and fellow surfers. Our first bag of chips rolled off the factory line in November 2005.

Like everyone who has ever started a small business, we faced a lot of naysayers. None of us had a food manufacturing background. One distributor said, “you don’t have a chance, it’s all about price points and marketing. The whales will have to wait,”

Undaunted we pressed on, selling by word-of-mouth and our first cases to Chris at Olive Tree Market in OB and John at OB Peoples We then begin to convince a few Southern California aquariums and health food stores to carry our product. Whole Foods is now carrying our chips in its Southern California and Washington stores. “Jimbos” four local health food stores are also carrying Whale Tails. In the North County Zinc's Market Solana Beach and Pellys Cafe Carlsbad are also lending their support.

Whale Tails started with the idea that we wanted to become more involved in the world in which we live and have a positive influence on its future. As we developed our product, we started making contact with many of the non-profit, research and educational organizations dedicated to whales and the marine environment. The more people we met, the more we realized how much help was needed. We pulled together a small advisory council that is made up of knowledgeable individuals representing all facets of the scientific, environmental, educational and conservation communities .

At Whale Tails Tortilla Chips we reached across the International Border when we made our first donation to benefit marine conservation. Chris Pesenti of Pro Peninsula accepted the generous donation from Whale Tails Tortilla Chips. Chris also sits on the board of directors of Magdalena Baykeeper program in Baja California, Mexico. Magdalena Baykeeper (Vigilante de Bahía Magdalena) group has been around for over a year now, just a little longer than Whale Tails Tortilla Chips. Magdalena Baykeepers is run by Julio Solís is a longtime fisher and resident of Puerto San Carlos. He started the organization to confront the water pollution issues in Magdalena Bay. Magdalena Bay comprises one of the most important wetland ecosystems on the Pacific coast of North America. The bay provides shelter for Pacific Gray Whales to rear their young before making the long journey north to the Bering Sea. Julio Solis can definitely make a lot happen with a even little bit of financial support. Both Whale Tails Tortilla Chips and Magadalena Baykeepers started with a desire to preserve our marine environment and I can't think of a better place to join together in that effort than 'Mag Bay' the birthplace of our California Grey Whale.

Whale Tails Tortilla Chips appeal to socially-conscious retailers because they are organic, kosher and contain no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) or Trans Fatty Acids. They are seasoned with a combination of Alaea (Hawaiian volcanic clay) and sea salt, a unique spice that Grant and I discovered when we spent time in Hawaii surfing after high school. In Hawaii red volcanic clay called Alaea seeps into the ocean from the rivers on these sacred volcanic islands. When this red ocean water becomes trapped in tidal pools, evaporation creates Hawaiian Red Alaea Sea Salt. The red colors are due to the natural minerals, and marine deposits present in the brine ponds captured in the salt crystals. True sea salts are hand-harvested from brine ponds a very few times a year with wooden rakes (no metal touches the precious crystals), and slowly sun-dried to retain all of Mother Nature's recipe of minerals and trace elements..

Alaea, the traditional Hawaiian table salt, is used to season and preserve. Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt is non-processed and rich in trace minerals, all of which are found in sea water. It was used in traditional Hawaiian sacred rituals to cleanse, purify and bless tools and canoes. Alaea was also used in healing rituals for medicinal purposes. Hawaiians say it has between thirty and thirty-six distinct health fortifying minerals in it. It is often taken internally to cleanse the blood. It is a natural source for iron, and is used to stop bleeding and hemorrhaging. Alaea clay is also used for cuts and minor injuries. This ancient red clay is sometimes mixed with Noni leaf oil to create a mixture that Islanders believe to be helpful in the prevention of some forms of cancer. Hawaiians also treat Menopause by suggesting that Kupuna, (elder women), use Alaea more frequently after 40 years of age, or even more frequently in their 50’s or later. Many women in Hawaii just increase their intake of Alaea as their body changes, therefore, they lessen the suffering associated with female changes.

Today, the salt is used by Hawaiians in traditional dishes like Kalua Pork, and by discerning restaurant and home chefs who appreciate this salt’s unique history, taste and appearance. Hawaiians state that our human body recognizes the chemistry of real sea salt, and your body chemistry will be more balanced as a result of consuming a truly natural, Mother Nature-given food. The overall benefits of consuming true sea salt is incomparable to the consumption of common table salt which contains virtually no nutritional or body chemistry-balancing attributes. If you want an example of harmony in balance notice the beautiful skin and radiant hair of the Hawaiian people.

Our recent inclusion of Albertson's San Diego is a huge step and a great venue considering Albertsons already recognized role in environmental stewardship. Albertsons' Environmental Stewardship Council has long been committed to supporting programs that improve our environment while encouraging others to become more aware of what they can do to become better stewards of the environment. Of particular concern to both Albertsons and Whale Tails Tortilla Chips is the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans. A United Nations environmental program report estimated that there are an average of 46,000 pieces of plastic debris floating on or near the surface of every square mile of ocean. Californians use more than 19 billion plastic grocery bags each year, creating 147,038 tons of waste in our landfills. With Californians throwing away over 600 bags per second, they are creating enough waste every year to circle the planet over 250 times. When you consider that this plastic does not biodegrade and remains in our ecosystems permanently, we are looking at an incredibly high volume of accumulated plastic trash. Where does it go? There are only three places it can go: our earth, our air and our oceans.

To promote community recycling and provide a solution Albertson's stores are listed on the Earth's 911 website (www.earths911.org) as a collection center for plastic bags. Albertsons has won the WRAP award five times. The WRAP awards are made by the California Integrated Waste Management Board -- the state's primary recycling agency. Albertson's, as a company, recycles 50 percent of its waste stream, including 4,363 tons of plastic grocery bags and pallet wrap at 744 sites in California . To close the plastics recycling loop, Albertson's purchases benches made of recycled plastic lumber for its new and remodeled stores.

Whale Tails Tortilla Chips and Albertsons are both participants in California's Coastal Cleanup Day, the premier volunteer event of the California Coastal Commission. Over the years, more than 700,000 volunteers have picked up over 11 million pounds of trash. Coastal Cleanup Day helps remind all Californians that our everyday actions have broad implications for the health and well‐being of our oceans and waterways. John Bernardo of Albertsons' Environmental Stewardship Council says, "waste is anything that is not an asset and nothing but lack of imagination." Over the past few years Albertson's has made it a priority to reduce waste and maximize resources, implementing energy-saving policies like dimming the lights in its stores and helping to develop a 100% recyclable container for shipping produces.

In conclusion Whale Tails Tortilla Chips believes that giving to marine conservation groups is an indispensable piece of a larger strategy for affecting change, and Whale Tails Tortilla Chips was established to encourage, facilitate, and administer exactly that. We want to unify ocean conservation groups to help solve problems within the marine environment , and help build cooperation and dialog at the same time. Whale Tails Tortilla Chips , started in 2006, is contributing 10 percent to ocean conservation groups . We call this our “ ocean tax”, believing our company has a responsibility to conserve and protect the natural resource it utilizes to market its products. We believes this environmental commitment has resulted in our products acceptance and the loyalty of our customers One of the primary objectives of Whale Tails Tortilla Chips is to harness the power of the consumer, and Whale Tails Tortilla Chips and its founders see 10% as an effective tool toward that end.

A more active and engaged consumer is the most important goal, and the key is to make it easy for the consumer to do the right thing. Whale Tails Tortilla Chips is one of the best answer to that challenge that I have seen, and that’s why we took the risk and started this company. It has enormous potential. Our focus day in and day out until it happens will be to see that we realize that potential.Supporting the product, Whale Tails Tortilla Chips, is a clear demonstration of commitment to the environment, both internally and externally.

Ric and Terry Kraszewski

Whale Tails Tortilla Chips

619 249 7725


Mrs Terry Kraszewski, Co Founder, New Accounts and Business Development. Terry is a college graduate with extensive retail experience. Terry has owned and operated a retail store for over 18 years and has launched a private label clothing line in the Women's wholesale clothing industry. Terry holds numerous trademarks and copyrights and has successfully defended these in Federal Court against large department stores and wholesale manufacturers.

Mr. Richard Grant, Co Founder, Marketing. Mr Grant successfully developed, operated , and sold a retail Ice Cream store in the University District of Seattle. Developed a marketing plan for a recording artist. Worked in Sales and Marketing for Pella, Milgard, and Eagle Window Companies.

Mr. Richard Kraszewski, Co Founder, Sales and Customer Experience. Richard is a college graduate with extensive new product, sales, and customer service experience. Richard holds a US Copyright on a new product for the special event industry and took this product nationwide in 1991. Richard worked in customer service with the airline industry for 12 years. Richard also owned and operated a construction company as a State Licensed Contractor for 15 years. Recently a guest speaker at Stanford University School of Business Global Entrepreneurial Marketing (GEM) course.

An Ocean of Thanks,


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