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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

There's something in the water in Morro Bay...

For more than two decades the Morro Bay/Cayucos sewage plant has dumped sewage containing high levels of bacteria and other pollutants into the ocean, and the bay's surrounding waters have become a hotspot for sea otter deaths. These pathogens, parasites, fecal bacteria and other contaminants also threaten other marine life, pose a danger to public health, degrade coastal habitats, cause beach closures and damage the local economy. The plant knows it must upgrade its facilities, and even though the necessary construction time is less than two and a half years, the plant proposes to complete the project and improve water quality by March 31, 2014. It's time that something be done.

That's why the San Luis Bay chapter of Surfrider has joined up with NRDC, Sierra Club, ECOSLO, and Coastkeepers to launch a media campaign to raise awareness and put public pressure on the cities to make the necessary upgrades to tertiary standards and include water reclamation as quickly and efficiently as possible. To take action yourself, please check out the action alert under "Take Action" on Surfrider's home page. Here you can sign onto or write your own letter to local officials to make sure these upgrades happen in a timely manner.

Go Here to Take Action on this issue


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