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Friday, March 09, 2007

Santo vs. Los Enemigos del Mar

From our friends at Wildcoast

After being made aware of the many dangers that threat our oceans in the face of overfishing, pollution and the extinction of marine species, Legendary Mexican wrestler “El Hijo del Santo”, decided to put his fame and power of speech at the service of our precious marine resources.

Throughout 2007 El Hijo del Santo will carry out a comprehensive campaign to halt sea turtle consumption in Mexico, promote marine protected areas in California, empower people to clean the Tijuana River, and support gray whale conservation in Baja California.

This comprehensive campaign will begin next Thursday, March 8th in Mexico City with a spectacular presentation to the media of a movie trailer in the style of Santo’s legendary father.

Don't miss out on this campaign’s day-to-day progress. From the friendly whales in Baja California, to the vulnerable turtles in Mexican coasts and the “Colonias” in Tijuana, we promise you too will want to be a part of this “Lucha” to defend the ocean.


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