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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Although the day started off cool and rainy, Mother Nature seemed to know what was in store. A few hours before the Vancouver Surfrider crew got to the beach the sun started to peek through and the sand started to dry. By the time a hardy group of paddlers made it to English Bay it was a warm summer day and the beach was abuzz.

Despite the lack of waves, a few souls paddled out to celebrate our oceans and beach environment. Other beachgoers gathered on the beach and helped pick-up trash; making sure our beaches remained pristine. The sun finally started to dip behind the horizon and the night really started to heat up.

The party moved to Library Square were Surfrider members danced the night away to the rocking melodies of Under The Sun. International Surfing Day may not have had surf in Vancouver, but Vancouver had surf in its heart. More importantly Vancouver has a group of people that truly care for our oceans and beaches.

- From Adrian Nelsen, Surfrider Vancouver Chapter Organizing Committee


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