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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


International Surfing Day started off with speeches by the leader of Surfrider Japan, Nori Kyo and Junji, Surfing Life's chief editor. All of us including Billabong and Simple had booths at the beach and there were about 30 people including top-class Japanese pro surfers. We did the beach clean-ups and also water quality test demonstration.

After that, we had a surf session with professional photographers in the water taking water shots of surfers who attended ISD! (Though waves were knee high...bummer.) And that was it for the morning.

In the evening we held an event at a bar by the beach in Shonan. A very, very
famous musician named Def-Tech stopped by to sing and celebrate ISD. He was super
cool. Also there was slide show by a famous photographer. The event was
hosted by a well-known artist as well. They all talked about surfing and
environment, and Surfrider. It was really cool.

- From Asako Oya, Surfrider Japan

Anonymous Brian said...

Hi Asako,

I am a surfer from Hawaii who has just moved to Japan this year. I'm living in Tokyo. I would like to get involved with Surfrider Japan and join.

Is everything in Japanese on the website?



12:38 AM  
Blogger Surfrider Foundation International Program said...

Brian, can you send Asako your email address at a.wave@s4.dion.ne.jp

Yes, everything is in Japanese on the website, but using Google translating service (free) you can get the gist of what's going on.

Thanks for writing!


Lia Colabello
International Relations Manager

12:00 PM  

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