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Monday, December 03, 2007

Surfrider Maui Opposes Closure of Kahului Harbor

Surfrider Maui will join the protests this week over the US Coast Guard's plan to close Kahului Harbor to surfers, boaters, divers, paddlers and swimmers for up to 4 hours daily to accommodate the Hawaii Superferry. Outraged citizens and groups are invited to make signs and banners and join peaceful demonstrations planned below. For more info, go to www.savekahuluiharbor.com and www.surfrider.org/maui.
The "Give Back Our Harbor" rally is scheduled for the first day of the Superferry operation which is (at this time) Thursday, December 6 from 9-11 a.m. at Ka'ahumanu Ave and Pu'unene.
The "Rally for Maui" will take place on Saturday, December 8 from 9 to 11 a.m.
Citizens are welcome to peacefully demonstrate opposition to this embargo of Kahului's Port of Call to request the government reconsider its decision to close the harbor without seeking public input.
Maui Police Department will insure legal behavior toward the Superferry while upholding citizens' First Amendment rights to assemble and protest government actions.
Sign wavers must remain six feet from the edge of the motorway pavement and 50 feet from traffic signals. The setbacks will be makeds. Rally participants are asked to keep to the back of sidewalks that are next to the highway.
It is illegal and unsafe to stand on the median, in the road or on traffic islands.
Along Pu'unene Avenue where there are no sidewalks, yellow barriers will mark the 6 foot setback. Pedestrians should not step into the road and should be careful to walk on the shoulder well back from the pavement. Pedestrians should cross only at crosswalks.
People are free to be on the harbor beach and even demonstrate in the water fronting the beach. DLNR will be in the water to warn people if they stray into the Coast Guard zone. .The Coast Guard is responsible for enforcing the zone.
Rally participants are asked not impede local businesses including First Hawaiian Bank, Century 21 and Hideaway, being careful not to park in their lots, block their driveways, entrances or pedestrian traffic.
Should Hawaii Super Ferry move its start date, the Give Back Our Harbor rally will move to the next planned sail date.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

everyone that does not want beach access closed should be at the Kahului Harbor at 8:30 am and in the water to protect our rights.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Majority of Hawaii wants the superferry, just because a small group doesn't want it. doesn't mean the world revolves around them. Protesters you guys are LOSERS!

11:07 PM  

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