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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Look Out Terracycle!

What is it?  It is a bracelet made out of aluminum can pull tabs (with an elastic thingy in the middle).  It gets better.  Kids from the Carl Sandburg Middle School in Old Bridge, NJ Environmental Club sold these bracelets and raised a lot of money.  It gets better.  They gave they money away including a rather sizable check -  several hundred dollars - to the local Surfrider Foundation Chapter!  

So not only did they reuse something before it was trashed or recycled, they made something beautiful out of it, made money, and did something good with the money.  

Me?  I just showed up and played Sea to Summit and a few PSA's on DVD.  But it gets better.  I went to Carl Sandburg Middle School back in the day.  Way to go kids!   And if you don't get the Terracycle reference click here


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