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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Clean Ocean Zone

Bight - noun - a bend or curve in the coastine.

Two New Jersey Congressmen introduced legislation last week to create a "Clean Ocean Zone" in the New York, New Jersey Bight, which runs from Montauk, NY to Cape May, NJ and is the most densely developed coastline in the world. The Clean Ocean Zone is the brainchild of Clean Ocean Action, a local water quality group based in Sandy Hook, NJ and it would lock in all the victories in ocean water improvement made in the last 20 years. In other words, Clean Ocean Action did much of the heavy lifting to rid this area one by one of things like ocean dumping of garbage, medical waste, sewage etc. and this legislation makes sure we never go back by outlawing all types of dumping and industrial development in the bight. The Surfrider Foundation, Jersey Shore Chapter is a proud member of Clean Ocean Action's coalition, and we were well represented at the press conference. It's a proactive approach and it beats puting out fires all the time.

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J. Weber


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