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Thursday, June 28, 2007

ISD in Costa Rica

Chris Murphy and his friends celebrated International Surfing Day by trying to clean up Guacalillos (just North of Jaco) during their visit to Costa Rica. The pictures of how much trash there is on the beach is horrible. In Chris's words "There is so much trash you would not be able to tell what was before or after we got about 50 trash bags just of new water bottles with no sand in them that is what the school can sell and also aluminum. You would need tractors or heavy machinery to clean the whole beach, and then it will collect again if you don’t make the residents aware of recycling and also that the rivers flow to the beach and anything put in that river will end up in the water."

Blogger Ken said...

I am curious if the pollution you mention is all along the coastline, or just close to the river mouth. I would like to know what this section of the Costa Rican coastline is like. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

9:17 AM  

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