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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Adaptive Management Key to Wave Energy Project Success

Oregon Chapter of Surfrider continues to be involved in a settlement process with federal and state agencies, conservation groups and Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) to agree on a precautionary approach to wave energy in Reedsport. Negotiations have developed a draft settlement agreement that includes an adaptive management strategy. This strategy includes several study plans that OPT has agreed to conduct to identify any potential adverse effects from the first and second phases of the wave energy project. The company hopes to install one buoy and then ten buoys before a potential build-out to 200 buoys. Adaptive Management ensures that parties reassess implementation of the project at each phase to avoid or minimize degradation to aquatic resources. Initial phases will include studies on aquatic species such as marine mammals, sharks, fish, plankton, and migratory birds. OPT will also study effects of wave energy buoys on recreation, public safety, crabbing, fishing, and cultural resources. Surfrider intends to remain engaged throughout the process to help ensure that adverse effects are addressed appropriately and efficiently.

Blogger tres_arboles said...

Glad you guys posted this and thanks to Darrin in San Clemente for pointing me in your direction. I am a Washington State surfer tracking the progress of a premliminary permit application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a massive wave energy project proposed for Westport, Washington. Westport is the most accessible and most visited surfing destination in Washington State, in addition to being home to a commercial crabbing fleet, and the point of entry for a major commercial and sport ocean salmon fishery.

I think we'd like to support the development of clean, renewable, carbon-free energy from wave and tidal sources. But my involvement in the Washington State proposal will be to ensure the FERC and the applicant fully assess the likely effects of the proposed project on the natural and human environment, including the effects on Westport as a surfing destination.

I would like to network with your Oregon folks if possible to gain the value of their experience so far. Please track this comment to my blog and comment there so that I can follow up. Thanks.


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