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Monday, February 04, 2008

Largest Florida Beach Access Protest in History

It has been more than 18 months since private developers and government officials illegally closed the Haulover Inlet/Bal Harbour public beach a ccess, one of the nicest beaches in Dade County, shutting out tourists, surfers, fishermen and others who prize this unique area.

Since the Surfrider Foundation uncovered these shady dealings in June 2006, Bal Harbour Village has consistently refused to return beach access and parking to the general public. (An “alternate” access point – offered only recently and grudgingly by the Village – has no parking and requires fishermen & surfers to carry equipment through a dangerous mconstruction site to reach the beach.)

This past saturday, in the largest protest in Florida history, 200 Surfrider Foundation South Florida Chapter members and beachgoers lined up on both side of the Haulover Bridge and demanded that Bal Harbour surrender their ill-gotten gains to FDOT and be denied oversight authority of the area.
Of course MONSTER props to new Chapter Chairman Shane Close who spearheaded this whole effort, less than a month into his new duties! Shane’s “Local’s Wanted” ad campaign was a rallying point to make this Ground Hog Day protest a smashing success.

Chapter Protest Video by Rob Lyon

Protest Photos by Lou, Oscar & Shrimpcreole

Check out the Chapter Site with all the relevent press info


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