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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Treasure Coast Chapter Opposes Wind Turbines Along Public Beaches

The Treasure Coast Chapter is actively engaged in ensuring that "green" energy is placed properly within St. Lucie County. Currently, Florida Light and Power proposals to the County only look that placing them on public beaches that were bought for the purposes of beach enjoyment. It seems not too long ago the Central Long Island Chapter faced a similiar issue of wind farms along Jones Beach waterfront. They were successful at defeating that initiative.

The picture above shows the proposed locations. The three southern turbines are being placed at Walton Rocks which is a Special Places surfbreak for the chapter. Unfortunately what FPL is not talking about is the amount of enviromental damage that would have to be done to the area just to even get the huge turbines into the park.
The key here is that the chapter is supportive of green energy alternatives; however, not at the expense of public lands dedicated and used for recreation and conservation. The current proposals only looked at putting on the beaches and not other private lands that could just as productive. To allow such infrastuture on an erosionive barrier island is not only not prudent from sustainability viewpoint, but even more importantly in the short term it could set a precendent for other companies to continue to alter the coastline, potentially impacting beach accesses.

Check out:

Sidenote: Also check out the recent Sebastian Inlet Pro (Former Board of Director Mitch Varnes runs) http://multimedia.tcpalm.com/video/?vid=2127&c=22


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