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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Joint Ocean Commission Initiative (JOCI) Report to Local & State Leaders

Jan 15, 2008 - A national report was released today to West Coast local and state elected officials with specific recommendations to better protect our oceans and coasts click here. Released by the Joint Ocean Commission Initiative (JOCI), a national bipartisan voice for ocean policy reform, the Report 'One Coast, One Future' identifies priority actions for elected officials to promote the health of coastal and ocean ecosystems, which our West Coast communities depend on. The reports recommendations address a number of priorities of Surfrider Foundation including: water quality; shoreline preservation; marine debris; nearshore science; stakeholder/ community participation; and ecosystem-based management.

Requested by 19 elected officials from California, Oregon and Washington State, the report provides a fantastic opportunity to engage key decision-makers in ocean and coastal stewardship. Please think about the local & state elected officials that you know that would be interested in this report – and then share with them through any means possible!

'Protecting our oceans and coasts starts at the local level,' said Leon E. Panetta, co-chair of the Joint Initiative and former White House Chief of Staff. 'We are pleased to see so much interest in finding solutions to the critical problems facing our oceans and coasts. The Joint Initiative has provided the input that will lead to meaningful ocean policy reform at the state and local level,' Panetta continued.

For more info on the initiative how to get involved with outreach to your community leaders please contact pstauffer@surfrider.org.


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