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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Donavon plays for Friends of Avalon Bay

It's a water thing.

There is something about water than makes all kinds of people come together to act to perserve our natural resources. Jack Johnson has done a ton for Surfrider over the years, Moby played for Manhattan's CMRC event two weeks ago and Jimmy Buffet popped on stage to play at Sag Harbor's local luau a week or so ago.

This time it's Donavon playing in Catalina for Friends of Avalon Bay. This is notable because a) Donnie's heart is in this, he has a long record of playing for great causes b) his new album is very hot c) John Van Hamersveld did the poster and d) it's an all ages show. This last point is relevant to me as... Donavon is perhaps the intersection of our family's musical tastes.

Sunday afternoon August 27th, on Catalina. Sounds perfect.

More info.

Jim Moriarty
Executive Director

Anonymous Anonymous said...

way cool...I just got a day package for $92 from Catalina Travel Connection that includes roundtrip boat from Long Beach and concert ticket. 1-800-829-6999

11:22 AM  

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