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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Suncoast Chapter Creates "Pete" to Stop Stadium Expansion

The Suncoast Chapter has joined the ranks of a number of community activists, non-profit and environmental organizations, and concerned citiziens opposed to the dredging and filling of the Tampa Bay. The coalition of organizations is called POWW (Preserve Our Wallets and Our Waterfront) . They are rallying to oppose the proposed site, as well as the proposal itself, of the new Tampa Bay Ray’s Stadium for the reasons of tax subsidy, dredging and filling in Tampa Bay, and the overall environmental and city infrastructure impacts. To create enough room for the stadium, the Rays say they need to dredge and fill about six-tenths of an acre of Tampa Bay.

Its about two big Es - Environment and Economics. PETE is the symbol that the chapter has chosen to represent THEIR voice in opposition. Chapter Activists Julie Pappas and Chris Shield are actually making the 6-foot PETE out of wire and duck tape. A warm-water spring that attracts manatees is near the proposed dredge-and-fill area, so Pappas says Pete is a perfect symbol for their cause.

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