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Thursday, August 03, 2006

King of the Sea; the Shifting Baselines enviro-film contest

Our good friends over at Shifting Baselines are at it again. Since they’re already known for creating brilliant, relevant and entertaining short films around coastal environmentalism it’s no big jump for them to launch a contest aimed teens to do… essentially that same thing.

Here’s the contest overview.

Here are the celebs that are judging the contest.

Surfrider loves Shifting Baselines because they understand that many times the issue isn’t that we need more science to triple-check how bad things are; we already know the ocean is insanely screwed up. We need fresh communication vehicles for getting the key messages out. We need the social-networking and cultural-shaping equivalent of entities like MySpace. We need to leverage every single avenue for a message, use every tool to protect the coasts… in that sense we’re two organizations that share common DNA.

If you know someone under 20 chances are they are already quite adept at making short films, point them here.

Oh yea, there are fabulous cash and prizes at stake.

Jim Moriarty
Executive Director


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